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For more than 15 years, e-Gov Systems has helped local and state taxing jurisdictions replace outdated and inefficient systems with fast, accurate, web-based solutions. Our commitment to making tax filing easier and more affordable for tax administrators — and taxpayers — led to the creation of the successful SalesTaxOnline.com web-based portal.



SalesTaxOnline.com is the web-based compliment to e-Gov’s desktop program, Sales Tax Manager. The web portal allows the online filing of sales tax returns for the State of Louisiana and for more than 300 local jurisdictions across Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, and Texas.

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As a taxpayer, I find your site the most user-friendly and concise. Thanks for making my job easier!

-Marcia Fresh
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Profit from proven, dependable tools

For more than a decade, e-Gov Systems has helped jurisdictions accept sales tax returns on line. Taxpayers in those jurisdictions have filed millions of returns and remitted billions of dollars in taxes using e-Gov systems.

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Reduce time & cost with automation

SalesTaxOnline.com reduces the cost and time of filing tax returns while increasing accuracy by eliminating calculation errors. SalesTaxOnline.com is a multi-state portal that helps in the process—from local collectors to out-of-state big-box retailers.


Get the numbers right every time

SalesTaxOnline.com increases the accuracy of tax rates and returns by making the process simpler and automated. SalesTaxOnline.com also helps to create uniformity for multi-jurisdictional returns.

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Tax authorities and taxpayers love SalesTaxOnline's easy and efficient way to file.

-Donna Andries
Rapides Parish Sales Tax Dept.


Who We Are






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Your website is wonderful. The most user-friendly of all the taxes I file.

-Linda Provost
Walker & Associates, Inc.


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Note: Support staff is available to provide assistance with the online filing application. However, only municipal tax administrators and/or tax advisors should be consulted to provide specific assistance related to municipal rules and regulations.


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To use the major features of SalesTaxOnline.com you must have a browser with at least one of the versions listed below. At this time, we are unable to support AOL users.

Recommended Setup:

Adobe Acrobat Reader is software that lets you view and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files. In order to obtain an electronic copy of your return, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC.

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